Prokaryotics has access to leading experts as external consultants. Area of expertise range from Discovery to Clinical Development.

Lynn Silver PhD

(Merck, LL Silver Consulting) - Recognized Thought Leader and Consultant in Antibacterial Discovery.

Richard Lee, PhD

(St. Jude Children’s Hospital) - Expert in Antibacterial Medicinal Chemistry and Structure-Based Design.

David Perlin, PhD

(Executive Director and professor, PHRI, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers University) - Antibacterial in vitro and in vivo efficacy; mechanisms of drug resistance.

John Tomayko, MD

(GSK, Spero, Pfizer) - Infectious Disease Clinician and Clinical Development.


David Pompliano, PhD

(GSK, Merck, Lodo) - Infectious diseases drug discovery as former VP in big pharma, as entrepreneur at Third Rock Ventures, and as CSO at Revolution Medicines and Lodo Therapeutics.