Prokaryotics Scientific Advisory Board is made up of some of the world’s leading experts in the field of antibacterial drug discovery and development.

Thomas Silhavy

Thomas J. Silhavy, PhD
Dr. Silhavy is the Warner-Lambert Park-Davis Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University. His area of expertise includes the bacterial genetics of Gram-negative cell envelope biogenesis.


Dr. Robert A. Bonomo, M.D
Dr. Robert A. Bonomo (MD) is Distinguished University Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology and Microbiology and Director of the Case VA Center for Antimicrobial Resistance who brings 30+ yrs. experience in clinical medicine and how Gram-negative bacteria evolve multidrug-resistance.

Lynn Silver

Lynn Silver PhD
(Merck, LL Silver Consulting) - Recognized Thought Leader and Consultant in Antibacterial Discovery.

Richard Lee

Richard Lee, PhD
(St. Jude Children’s Hospital) - Expert in Antibacterial Medicinal Chemistry and Structure-Based Design.

David Perlin

David Perlin, PhD
(Executive Director and professor, PHRI, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers University) - Antibacterial in vitro and in vivo efficacy; mechanisms of drug resistance.

John T

John Tomayko, M.D
(GSK, Spero, Pfizer) - Infectious Disease Clinician and Clinical Development.

David Pompliano

David Pompliano, PhD
(GSK, Merck, Lodo) - Infectious diseases drug discovery as former VP in big pharma, as entrepreneur at Third Rock Ventures, and as CSO at Revolution Medicines and Lodo Therapeutics.

Gerry Wright

Gerry Wright, PhD
Gerry Wright Ph.D. is Distinguished University Professor at McMaster University with over 30 years of experience in antibiotic resistance and discovery.