Prokaryotics Vision

The relentless advance of antibiotic drug resistant bacteria has raised concerns whether within the next 2-3 decades we could be facing a ‘pre-antibiotic era’ where existing antibiotics will become largely ineffective in treating serious and life-threatening infections. Indeed, the World Health Organization has projected that the impact on human health and economic costs associated with antibiotic drug resistance will rival that of global warming ( Whereas continued improvements to existing antibiotics certainly stretch such timelines, entirely new classes of antibiotics with novel mechanisms of action are urgently needed to combat multi-drug resistant bacteria.

prokaryotics new cut

At Prokaryotics Inc., we have assembled a world class team of industry experts, academic leaders, and innovative proprietary assets to develop next generation antibiotics to combat this crisis. Each of our Prokaryotics antibiotic development programs uniquely target distinct cell surface and fundamentally essential biochemical assembly components of the Gram-negative outer membrane; an intrinsic barrier produced by Gram-negative bacteria which naturally restricts antibiotic entry and ultimate efficacy. We believe targeting a circuitry of interdependent cellular processes required for outer membrane biogenesis provides a timely and robust opportunity to develop next generation antibiotic agents effective on their own or in combination with existing agents to provide effective monotherapeutic or synergistic efficacy against drug-resistant bacteria.